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The company BENET ENGINEERING was founded in 2008 by Mr. Josef Zajicek. Until 2012 the company oriented towards the real estate market and was of marginal interest of the owner. That changed in 2012 when the name and orientation of the company were converted and another owner got involved. Since then BENET ENGINEERING has been specializing in the field of development and construction services, especially automotive. Gradually new technologies and design/construction software began to be purchased so that the company could offer the highest possible quality services.

At present BENET ENGINEERING is a leading automotive construction company with the capacity of about 25 design/construction engineers and developers. They use the most modern and  widespread software in the field (Catia V5 and Siemens NX). We can not only desing our customers products, but also give them an attractive design, visualize and render. Within the framework of digitalization we are able to transform everything into a 3D computer environment and, besides the construction itself, within the shared capacities of sister companies we can produce models.

In the future we would like not only to expand the capacities of our existing services, but also build a team of specialists aimed at design, a-class sirfacing, 3d modelling of scenes for visualisation and engineering teams focused on specific automotive parts, materials and technologies of manufacture to be able to keep increasing the quality and scope of our services. The further acquisition will be either sister or daughter company in Germany.










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We offer complex service of our customers´ processes covering the areas of design, modelling by scans and sketches, rendering, A-class surfacing as well as part construction, especially within automotive industry.


Our suppliers undergo a selection process based not only on the prices of their products, but especially on their quality,  thus ensuring the quality of our services from the very beginning.


Our team comprises a group of young designers, engineers and other development workers that can provide our customers with required services in the best possible quality. The premises of the firm offer a user-friendly backgroung for their demanding work.






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OP PIK Aplication – III. Call

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08/2017 – 04/2020








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Do Čertous 2622/14, Horní Počernice
193 00 Prague 9
Czech Republic



Čejetice 416
293 01 Mladá Boleslav
Czech Republic



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VAT: CZ 282 57 464
DUNS: 495097793
Data box: h8aq8sb 
Case number: C 135828 filed with the Municipal Court in Prague
Date of founding and registration: 6th March 2008