The company Benet Engineering s.r.o. provides their customers with the folloving services:

  • Design
  • Modelling by scans and sketches
  • Rendering
  • A-class surfacing
  • Design of plastic parts (thermoplastics and thermosets)
  • Design of composites (carbon, laminate)
  • Design of tin parts
  • Design of mechanisms
  • Design of roof racks
  • Design of jigs
  • Design of lighting
  • 3D print
  • Prototypes production in cooperation





Today inovations are one of the most essential parts of developing cars/ automobiles. This marks off the producers who want to get ahead and set themselves from the competition. Within the frame of our inovation projects we offer and perform:

  • Market analyses
  • Creative ideas in the given field/area
  • Basic concepts
  • Visualization
  • Rendering
  • Prototypes production in cooperation




When creating design studies, we emphasize attractive, timeless and most of all functional design. In every product we take account of requirements related with operation economics as well as ecological requirements.


We strive for creating detailed designs of individual components and assemblies and for interpretation conceptual variation according to the client´s ideas and requirements.






Not only we are able to create a design based on the customer´s  ideas and data, we can also transform this design into real-world images and environment using visualization and rendering.

  • Rendering

    (creating of data visualization):

    • Besides making a design we can transform our drafts from original sketches to realistic visualization / rendering.
    • We strive for the most realistic visualization of CAD data of both prototype and serial parts.
    • Apart from the day time look of the model we are also able to simulate the lit night time look accurately with the help of output data from optical simulations – so called RAY files (files in the format .RAY) that help us realistically visualize light sources as well.





Our specialists implement designers´requirements (various sketches, scans etc.) into a 3D planar model that takes technological, production and financial requirements of other development departments into consideration.

We can create A - class surfaces both for prototypes and parts which are being prepared for the serial production.

Prototypes are models that take account of prototype technologies that are often used in our prototype workshop.

Serial A – class surfacing is especially designed for automotive manufacturers and adapted to their serial technology.





Construction of both exterior and interior parts dates back to the foundation of our company. Our team of specialists is abundant in expecience that reaches beyond our history. Engineers with more than 20 years of experience from theautomotive area and others can offer you not only classic/classical construction, but also consultations and advice regarding majority of engineering fields.


For this work we use the software Catia V5 and NX Siemens.

When constructing we pay attention to feasibility of individual parts  and confer that with engineering developers considering whether the parts are designed for a piece, small-series or serial production.

An integral part of our work is also 2D documentation that is tailored to the standards of individual customers.

Drawings undergo a check that evaluates their quality and accuracy.